Tablet Roadmap
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Notebook Roadmap
PC stick and mini Box Roadmap
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     IP3-TECH is specialized in consumer electronics, computer, communications and expertise in the field of industrial control development, design, manufacture and deliver the full range of solutions for high-tech enterprises, its leading technology, excellent quality and fast response ability is regarded as the industry's growth the fastest, most creative enterprises.
     IP3-TECH has more than 500 companies in the world of high-level R & D team composed of engineers, with a high level of industry-recognized R & D capabilities, a deep understanding of the project as well as the definition, development, production and service experience products, while also with high-end technology, manufacturing processes and manufacturing capabilities.
      IP3-TECH  since its inception in the industry to establish a professional, high quality, efficient brand reputation, is one of Intel's key cooperation ODM manufacturer in China, and with NVIDIA, MTK, TIANMA, Microsoft and Freescale and other famous international enterprises in the intensive cooperation; and Kingston, SYNNEX, Nvidia, Quanta has established a good partnership, AOC, PHILIPS, SIEMENS, as well as the original Road (VIDO), Southern Metropolis, Huayin (ITC) is an important technology of the British public customers.

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